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Perfect for home video editing, Edit video easily!

AVS Video Editor   Editor's Pick

Perfect for home video editing, Edit video easily!
There are many video editors you can download but AVS Video Editor is the best video editing software (User Reviews of AVS Video Editor) to make home videos for you even you are a beginner with a hassle free task and now all video formats are supported.
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How to use AVS Video Editor?

AVS Video Editor is full-featured editor for professional-looking video creation and processing. You can transfer movies from video cams and TV tuners, master videos and slideshows with exciting Text and Graphicss and Text and Graphics, author and burn DVDs, export movies to almost any video format. New interface allows you to fulfil all key video tasks fast and easy.

How to start working with AVS Video Editor?

How to save the project and video?

How to Make video into background?

How to create a slideshow using AVS Video Editor?

How to Create a DVD slide-show?

How to add a title after the selected clip in the Timeline?

How to add credits at the end of a home video?

How to restore blurred video?

How to Add/remove envelope control point?

How to apply video effects?

How to correct color in your video?

How to freeze a frame in a video?

How to improve too dark video?

How to remove interlacing artifacts from a video?

How to restore blurred video?

AVS Video Editor Help Center

1.  Interface Program
* Top Menu
* Top Toolbar
* Menu Panes
* Files and Effects Area
* Preview Area
* Timeline/Storyboard Area
* Keyboard Shortcuts

2.  Working with Projects
* Starting a New Project
* Changing Settings
* Opening Existing Projects
* Saving Projects

3. Creating and Editing Videos
* Creating Video
  - Importing Multimedia Files
  - Capturing Video
  - Using Preview
  - Preprocessing Files :  Files Express Menu, Properties Windows, Trimming Video, Detecting and Deleting Scenes, Extracting Audio, Changing Aspect
  - Placing Imported Media Files to the Storyboard/Timeline
  - Managing Timeline/Storyboard
* Editing Video
  - Transitions :  Changing Transitions in Storyboard View, Changing Transitions in Timeline View
  - Video Effects :  Video Effects List and Description, Special Effects, Effect, Transform, Adding Multiple Effects
  - Text and Graphics :  Adding Text, Editing Window  (Working with Text Presets, Editing Text, Adding and Editing Graphics)
  - Video Overlay :  Adding Video Overlay, Editing Video Overlay
  - Audio :  Adding Audio Soundtrack, Recording Voice, Audio Effects
  - Color correction
  - Splitting Videos into Chapters
  - Using Trim and Multiple Trim Options   - Using Crop Scale
  - Taking Snapshots
  - Freeze Frame Option
  - Adjusting the Playback Speed

4. Saving Videos
* Supported Formats
* Saving to File : AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV
* Saving to Disc :  DVDs, Blu-ray, DivX/Xvid, Creating and Editing Video Menu, Burning discs
* Saving to Devices : Mobile Players, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones, Others
* Saving for Web : Flash, RM, MOV

5. F.A.Q

6. User Reviews of AVS Video Editor

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User's Reviews


A reviewer from Michael Owen

"Good programme and great price. the effects on offer are good particularly the ability to zoom in on both photos and videos which gives a really intimate feel to home video editing. if you're looking to spend a little but get good results, it's definitely money well spent."

A reviewer from Tony Bennett

"It is a good program. Vegas Pro is better of course, but I don't have hours upon hours to learn everything about Vegas Pro. I needed something that I could just jump into to start making movies. Good overall value."

A reviewer from Richard Phillips

"It works fine for all the conversions I've tried. Great for converting Windows Media TV show format (.dvr-ms) or standard mpeg-2 to iPod format for downloading to the iPod. Very intuitive, straightforward interface. No complaints so far. It's been the best for point-and-shoot transfers."

A reviewer from Aries Lim

"Seems to be the ideal tool to replace my Pinnacle Studo which requires a lot of power from my computer and not as friendly as AVS video editor seems to be."

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